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Ladder furniture


It is just a picture of a ladder? ... a furniture abstraction?
...OR ... perhaps one could use it to reach that darn aerial on the roof?
Maybe it´s just an eight-rung wall bar for the morning workout.
Or maybe ... maybe it´s an outdoor coat tree ... I could put my shopping bags on it, while I take off my rain-wet coat and muddy boots ...
Or I could hang my wet towel and my bikini on it to dry in the sun, if there is any sun this summer ... never mind ... I´m sure I can use it for something! ... if friends drop by for an evening visit I can put coloured lamps on it ... yeah ...that makes sense!

A frame with a centre post
Eight steps placed at the distance of ladder steps.
The frame is made from sturdy wood.
The steps are oval bars that can be pushed half the way through to one side or the other.
The steps lock into position.

Material: Ash wood




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