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Photo: Erik Brahl

Photo: Erik Brahl

Spiral Chair


The prototype of 'Spiral Chair' - presented at the SE-Exhibition 2007 - is the first offering from the exiting collaboration between PP Møbler and the Swedish designer Frederik Mattson. With 'Spiral' PP Møbler covers well known ground but are also moving onto new territory.

The chair is made of ash wood, one of PP Møbler's preferred materials. For the production itself they have used compressed wood, taking it to the extreme here by shaping four glued pieces of compressed wood that with the use of form-bending are able to rotate as a closed curve around a fixed axis. The shape of the curve is thus fixated, while the size grows bigger and bigger in a geometrical progression, thus the spiral shape makes up the chair's seat, back, and sides. The shaping of the chair demands precision craftsmanship and specific treatment of the material. From the foot of the chair, made of red painted ash wood, there are six steel wires that at the end each have a glove shaped holder that both provides a strong grip and stabilises the flexible spiral.

'Spiral Chair' presents itself as a luxurious, playful experiment, and is meant for those who do not only want a chair as an object for sitting on, but who would also like a sculptural object that activates all their senses. 'Spiral Chair' is still only a prototype, however, PP Møbler is hoping that the current experiments will be fruitful, thus making it possible to put the chair into production.




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