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Architect, sculpturer, painter, designer, art director, editor, teacher, and professor are just some of the titles enjoyed by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. However, first and foremost he was an artist, and holds the position as one of the foremost pinoeers of Danish modernism. He was heavily involved the European art scene, and was characterised by an extensive production.

From having concentrated on the formal possiblities and bounderies of painting, he began in the 50’ies to study art’s potential int he public space. To Aagård, art meant a more inspiring daily life, and it is with this attitude, and his consistent focus on form, that Gunnar Aagard starts cooperating with PP Møbler in the 50’ies. The core of the cooperation was thus the formal possiblities of wood.

Among others, Gunnar Aagaard drew a remarkable stool, which challenged the craftmanship of the cabinet makers at PP Møbler. His enthusiasm, his entrepeneurship, and his affinity for experiments influenced the workshop throughout the 1950’ies. None of his models from this period are in production.

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