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“…Komplot is an all-round design firm with a wide range of fields: graphic design, product design and furniture design. The firm’s collected catalogue of works provides evidence, however, that Komplot has returned again and again to what is often described as the most difficult of all design tasks: creating a truly new chair. In contrast to the approach of many other “chair researchers”, Komplot’s next “body-supporter” will never be a further refinement or improvement of what has gone before. The next chair always takes its departure point in a totally new place and belongs to another branch of the furniture-history tree. It cannot be predicted whether it will be poetic, imaginative and humorous or deeply businesslike, functional and minimalist.

The diversity of Komplot’s work, along with its playful character, combined with deep insight and focus, makes it difficult to pigeonhole. Thorough and unprejudiced concentration on the many possible approaches to the design task and the angles from which it can be viewed necessarily lead to very diverse results. There is one feature that distinguishes Komplot design, however. It always goes the whole hog. The design, the construction or the idea itself are carried through without compromise…”

Christian Holmsted Olesen
Danish Museum of Art and Design



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