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Panton is unique within the sphere of Danish design. He was never fully accepted since his style was conspicuously different from his colleagues in the 1950’ies and 60’ies. He did not have the same uncompromising, stringent approach to design, since his work with both furniture, fabrics, lighting, interiors, and exhibitions is more based on ideas and concepts than by giving shape. With Panton, we never find absolute solutions – his ideas interact and develop over time.

“I don’t work with shapes as such. Rather, I work with an idea” as Panton described his own work. To him, the concept was the core. “A shape can vary indefinitly – an idea cannot.” In retrospect, Panton’s work seems based on an idea which is then given shape. His method is therefore still extremely modern today where innovation is more in vogue than ever.

Panton kept his finger on the pulse and created – as few others – a range of designs giving the era colour and form. Panton created perhaps the most famous room in the 20th century, Visiona II, which only existed for four days on a Rhine boat in 1970. He was also the first to make a chair which used the new plast material to its fullest extent. It was often new materials and processes which drove his design.

Even if it does seem that the idea, the problem, or the story were primary to Panton, he very often worked with an intention of making things as simple and correct as possible - both in regard to material and process. This pragmatic side of Panton’s design is often overlooked.


Verner Panton made the rocking chair VVIP in cooperation with PP Møbler in 1992. It was Hans J. Wegner who recommended Panton to visit the workshop. Panton had an idea of a piece of furniture made exclusively of circles. Consequently, PP Møbler was the place to visit, since Panton could realise his idea with the new precompression technique.

Since Panton was very playful when it came to designing, the first prototype turned out to be too difficult to manufacture and too complex in its expression. However, A chair was made, which Panton later referred to as an active chair for sitting dynamically.



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