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Photo: Katja Kejser & Kasper Holst Pedersen

Photo: Katja Kejser & Kasper Holst Pedersen

Pot Chair, 1953

The Pot Chair submits to simple and concluded shapes and enfolds
the seated person with generous upholstery. Circular curves forms a three-dimensional object with a gentle dynamic that makes it beautiful and inviting from all angles.
The frame is a strong solid beech wood construction and all upholstery is built up using only natural and traditional materials providing a rich and soothing comfort.
This chair was designed exactly upon the establishment of PP Mbler. Since Nanna and Jrgen Ditzel knew co-founder Ejnar Pedersen very well from previous years design experiments and exhibitions, the Pot Chair became the first prototype ever to be
conceived in our workshop.
The Pot Chair was designed for AP Stolen, which in the 1950’s and 60’s was the leading Danish upholstery workshop based in Copenhagen.
As they didn’t have a wood workshop, Nanna and Jrgen Ditzel introduced PP Mbler to AP Stolen with the prototype
in hand and quickly facilitated a contract for supply of frames to the new design.
The collaboration was an immediate success and as AP Stolen was working on the Papa Bear Chair, they needed a quality supply for these frames as well. Consequently Hans J. Wegner was introduced to PP Mbler and the rest as they say, is history.


pp26 is upholstered using only natural materials like flax fibres, cotton, jute straps, canvas, palm leaves and horsehair. This is the only way to ensure that this kind of easy chair will be worn in rather than worn out with time.

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