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Lacquer is usually chosen for furniture which is often subjected to dirt. Lacquering means that the wood is applied a thin plastic-like membrane, making it easy to claen. The disadvantage is that lacquered furniture is difficult to renovate if it is damaged or bear marks of wear and tear.

We use water-based lacquer on light wood species such as ash and oak. This is of particular advantage to the environment compared to using acid-based lacquer. Waterbased lacquer brings out the nuances of the wood, maintaing a very natural look.

Using acid-based lacquer on light wood species has a tendency to come out yellowish. An unfortunate feature, which only becomes worse over time.

On darker wood species such as mahogany, it is not possible to reach a satisfactory result using water-based lacquer. Therefore, we use the most environmentally desirable acid-based lacquer on the market.

After lacquering, each piece of furniture is also treated with oil.

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