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CNC - Computer Navigation Control

The most cutting edge piece of technology at PP Mřbler is a five-axel milling robot which gradually has taken over the production of many of the individual furniture pieces. The robot is capable of handling complex three-dimensional items and is astoundingly flexible since it enables the integration of many different tools. Consequently, it is not merely a milling machine, but a multifunctional tool where only the imagination sets the limits.

The robots milling patterns must be programmed into a CAD/CAM system (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing), which is an advanced computer drawing program. Aligning the program with physical fixation of the item is a time consuming and often experimental process. Therefore, PP Mřbler not only developes prototypes with designers, but also experiments with their machinery. In that way, the robot becomes an extension of the craftsman demanding continuous new thinking in order to obtain optimal results.

Hans J. Wegner expressed great interest in the robot. When he saw it for the first time he exclaimed: ”Wauw - wish I’d had one of those!” Wegner’s exclamation illustrates that he had nothing against technological progress as long as it helped improve quality.

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