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Photo: Katja Kejser & Kasper Holst Pedersen

social responsibility

We welcome all employees at PP Møbler, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. The only important qualifications are skill and commitment.

Our production requires highly skilled craftsmen, which is why it is important that our employees stay with us for as long as possible, and if at times business is a little slow, we produce for storage to avoid redundancies.

Employees, who have surpassed pension age, can stay on if they want to. We do not force people into retirement.

In order to improve the work environment we have built a new extraction system, and separate extraction systems are provided near all workbenches and machines in order to reduce the amount of wood dust in the production areas. The system has electricity reducing and frequency monitored motors that register when a machine is in use, and then automatically starts extraction.

We have installed two computerised moulding machines that do much of the work that previously involved great risks for the cabinetmakers.

All our main subcontractors are Danish. This is partly to ensure that our products maintain the very best quality, but also to ensure that production is carried out in a secure work environment.

We encourage all our employees to take responsibility and help reduce energy spending.

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