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At PP Møbler we primarily use wood from Danish and German forests in order to guarantee the best quality, to ensure a minimum of transportation, and to safeguard against the use of illegally logged wood from developing countries.

By investing in a chip-boiler we have reduced our yearly CO2 outlet by approximately 38 tons. We burn chips, shavings and sawdust left over from our production, and that way we heat the workshop, offices and hot water as well as drying out the wood used in production.

The ventilation system is attached to the chip-boiler, which cross-alternates; heating up cold, clean incoming air by utilizing heat from the extraction system. This ensures that the workshop stays warm despite heavy extraction.

We have LCA-screened our subcontractors, to ensure that they supply only environmentally friendly materials.

The roof on the workshop is insulated with paper wool, which is also noise reducing. At the time of installation, however, paper wool had not yet been approved as insulation, so we had the necessary fire prevention tests carried out ourselves.

The production of paper wool is not as energy consuming as the production of traditional insulation materials. The insulation has also helped reduce the noise level from 50 to 42 decibels, which is of great importance as the workshop is located within a residential area.

Old glues and lacquers have been replaced with primarily water based ones, which improves the indoor climate and reduces the level of toxins in the production areas.

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