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Photo: Jacob Ehrbahn

woodcutting maschinist

Making furniture corresponding to the vision of the designer is a challenge. It is the main job of the woodcutting machinist to cut and prepare the individual wooden pieces. And, since wood is an organic material, it is important to treat it properly from the beginning. As such, the woodcutting machinist's work is essential to the durablity of the finished product.

Initially, the woodcutting machinist cuts the wood into individual pieces. Each piece is then prepared by planing, cutting, and polishing it into the desired shape by means of sawing, milling, planing machines, copying lathe and CNC-machine.

A woodcutting machinist needs a secure hand and a steady eye, because the work demands precision, logic, and a sense of mechanics. Transforming drawings and descriptions into furniture demands special care and concentration.

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